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Friday, October 24, 2008




By Jomari Manzano, SJ
Easter Sunday 2008
Dedicated to Ateneo de Manila High School Graduating Batch 2008

I. It’s difficult to live the ordinary
The routinary time spent by the minute
It’s difficult to stand alone on stage
And have as our audience just our self

It’s difficult, yes it’s difficult
‘Coz often times we think
We’re alone
We live on our own.


Break free from yourself
You are not made ordinary
Set free your own ways
And live up to your destiny
Stand up and learn to walk
Take that road
That’s made for you (Repeat last two lines)

II. It’s difficult to spend our longest hours
Perform our tasks and roles unnoticed by others
It’s difficult to face our limitations
Life’s ups and downs that look without direction

It’s difficult, yes it’s difficult
‘Coz often times we think
We can’t change
Can choose no more. (REF.)

It’s difficult, yes it’s difficult
‘Coz often times we think.



by Jomari Manzano, SJ
April 16, 2008

1. Learning to fly across waters
Just don’t ever forget to dream
Make it your guide
In reaching for your heart’s great desire

2. Finding your place to shine
Just don’t ever forget to believe
Make it your drive
To try to be the best you can be

Refrain: I can fly, I can reach
I can fall, I can rise
I can learn, I can choose
I can cry, I can smile
I can dream, I can hope
I can fail, I can start

3. Waiting for someone to love you
Just don’t ever forget to let go
Life is so full
Love is found wherever there is life

4. Planning your life in the future
Just don’t ever forget the past
Like a design
Coz’ in life there’s nothing to regret (REF)